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Bridging Academia and Experience:
A Swiss Odyssey in Hospitality Education

   In an innovative fusion of academic teaching and experiential learning, 34 hospitality teachers from 5 colleges in Amaty, Kazakhstan, undertook a transformative internship in Switzerland. This educational endeavor, hosted by Swiss-SASEM, focused on "International Internship under the Program of Advanced Training Courses" with a special emphasis on modern production technologies, WorldSkills standards, and the nuances of "Hotel business, restaurants, catering, management." This immersive journey seamlessly integrated theoretical insights with hands-on experiences, imparting a profound impact on their academic trajectory.


As part of this unique initiative, the teachers explored renowned Swiss destinations including the Cailler Chocolate factory, Fondue Academy, Gruyère factory, Zen-Hausern-Lab Center, Morand Distillery, and Chateau de Villa oenology center. Each visit not only showcased Swiss expertise but also allowed active participation, enabling the teachers to craft their own chocolate bars, concoct tantalizing cocktails, immerse themselves in the art of fondue, and initiate themselves in the mystery of oenology and wine testing, thereby infusing their academic pursuits with practical knowledge. 


The academic facet of the program was equally compelling, featuring engaging lectures from seasoned professors in education, marketing, management and human ressource, and enlightening masterclasses. Beyond the classroom, the immersive nature of the initiative extended to picturesque Swiss towns like Sion, Sierre, Guyere, Montreux, Lausanne, and Geneva, providing the teachers with a holistic understanding of the local culture and broadening their global perspectives. 


Culminating in a memorable event, the graduation ceremony on November 10, 2023, marked the official completion of their internship. The certificate presentation served as a testament to the teachers' dedication and highlighted the symbiotic relationship between Swiss-SASEM and its international participants.


This transformative journey not only equipped the teachers with practical skills but also facilitated cultural exchange and forged lifelong connections, enhancing their role as educators in the field of hospitality.

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